R-MailDear Editor –

I enjoyed reading my first edition of the The Brentwood Spirit. As a graduate of and near-life-long resident of Brentwood, I appreciate the fact that we can still present our community as a traditional, small mid-western town. With that said, I have a suggestion that might help to include a large portion of our community in your publication. Frankly, the selection of stories (at least the web-issue that I read) focus on familiar faces, repeated themes and services covered by a local hard-print periodical. In order to separate your publication from this tired repetitiveness , I suggest that you seek out Brentwood residents who choose private-school education and attendees of other churches in and nearby of Brentwood. This should help to make your publication (web-based) or not, more far-reaching than your competition. Good luck.

— Jefferson Moore

Thanks for the thoughtful comments, Jefferson. We are definitely open to writing about Brentwood residents who do not attend Brentwood churches and schools. If any readers have ideas for articles about such people, please contact me at: steve@thebrentwoodspirit.com or (314) 514-4200. Thanks!

                                                                                                               — Steve Bowman