March 28, 2012 –

Yesterday my wife Toni received a letter, the paper kind with postage, that begins “This is an open letter to the women voters of Brentwood Ward One speaking to the destructive path chosen by Maureen Saunders in her run for Alderperson.”  It goes on for three paragraphs, calling Saunders “the town bully,” “a spoiled child,” “boorish” and “insolent,” among other things.

The writer definitely doesn’t want Saunders to be elected to the Brentwood City Council on April 3. She’s running in Ward 1, where we live. At least one of our female neighbors received the same letter, so I’m assuming it was sent to either every address or every adult female in the ward.

As is usually the case with hateful diatribes like this, it’s from an anonymous sender. Anonymous as in cowardly. Letters like this are despicable. They’re written by mean people who wouldn’t hesitate to slander your name all over town, then run and hide, if you crossed them.

Does the writer have a legitimate beef with Saunders? If he or she doesn’t even have the shred of honor it would take to sign the letter, it doesn’t matter.

On a more humorous note, why on earth would the letter be addressed only to “women voters”? Does the ranter think only women would vote for a female candidate? Is this 2012 or 1912? Oh well, it doesn’t really matter. Unless the letter writer steps forward and owns up, the whole thing should be ignored.

Steve Bowman
Editor, The Brentwood Spirit

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